IRIS-IDFL Video Analysis

IRIS Independent Digital Forensic Lab has the ability to capture and preserve digital video and audio evidence from a wide variety of sources.  Our state of the art digital forensics lab supports our wide range of services and capabilities.


  • Fast track and rapid response capabilities
  • Experienced cross trained professionals
  • Ability to locate and preserve all types of video evidence
  • High tech and forensic preservation capabilities
  • Video enhancement and clarity capabilities

Rapid Response:

We recognize the need for quick response to preserve the evidence.  Digital video recorders (DVR’s) constantly overwrite older video with the newest video, so if the evidence is not obtained immediately it could be gone for good.

Video Enhancement:

IRIS-IDFL professionals can also enhance poor quality video.  A number of factors, such as poor lighting, can make the quality of the video less than desired.  Video enhancement can be applied following industry standards to improve the image quality and clarity.  By applying enhancement, details that may have been overlooked in the original may be identified.

Video Enhancement Techniques:

  • Sharpening  – Makes edges of images in the recording become more clear and distinct.
  • Video stabilization – Reduces the amount of movement in the video, producing the smoothest possible playback.
  • Masking – Covers the face or areas of the video that may protect a witness, victim or law enforcement officer.
  • Interlacing – In an analog system, interlaced scanning is used to record images (a technique of combining two television fields in order to produce a full frame of video). A process called de-interlacing may be used to retrieve the information in both fields of video.
  • Demultiplexing – Allows for isolation of each camera. In CCTV systems, a device called a multiplexer is used to combine multiple video signals into a single signal or separate a combined signal. These devices are frequently used in security and law enforcement applications for recording and/or displaying multiple camera images simultaneously or in succession.

Getting Started

Call now and speak with a certified expert.  IRIS-IDFL is available 24 hours in emergency cases.