IRIS Independent Digital Forensic Lab provides independent, certified digital forensic services to the legal community.

IRIS-IDFL offers both laboratory and on-site rapid response services to preserve and recover electronic data.  We can retrieve and document evidence from a wide range of devices from a single file on a flash drive to terabytes of data on a network server to data from thousands of different types of mobiles devices.

Our Services include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • On-site Data Preservation/Imaging
  • Cell Phone Acquisition and Analysis
  • Computer Usage Reconstruction
  • Internet History Analysis
  • Social Media Discovery
  • Deleted Data Recovery and Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony


  • Conduct Forensically Sound Data Acquisition/Extraction
  • Identify and Defeat Passwords and Encryption
  • Analysis of Data
  • Detailed Forensic Reports
  • Certified Examiners & Expert Testimony
  • On-site Rapid Response Capabilities
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System Guidelines

Certified Experts:

Our certified examiners have the knowledge and training to conduct complex digital forensic investigations using the latest technology supported by expert court testimony and comprehensive reports.  We provide un-biased, independent forensic examinations and assure confidentiality.


IRIS-IDFL has the optimal blend of experienced and certified technical/legal professionals who have handled hundreds of matters involving electronically stored information.

Rapid Response:

Because we recognize that the time sensitive nature of electronically stored information is critical for the successful recovery of digital evidence, we offer 24 hour emergency rapid response and on-site capabilities.  We provide cost effective services following industry standards and best practices.


Getting Started

Call now and speak with a certified expert.  IRIS-IDFL is available 24 hours in emergency cases.