IRIS Independent Digital Forensic Lab provides a wide range of digital forensic services to all aspects of government.  We offer un-biased, independent digital forensic examinations and assure complete confidentiality.

IRIS-IDFL offers both laboratory and on-site rapid response services to preserve and recover electronic data.  The lab procedures are based on ISO/IEC 17025 standards to provide consistent, quality results. We can retrieve and document evidence from a wide range of devices, from a single file on a flash drive to terabytes of data on a network server, as well as data from thousands of different types of mobile devices.

IRIS IDFL Advantages:

  • Conduct Forensically Sound Data Acquisition/Extraction
  • Identify and Defeat Passwords and Encryption
  • Provide Detailed Forensic Reports
  • Certified Examiners & Expert Testimony
  • On-site Rapid Response Capabilities
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System Guidelines
  • Digital Forensic Training For First Responders and Investigators

Certified Experts:

Our certified examiners have the knowledge and training to conduct complex digital forensic investigations utilizing state of the art technology and the latest methods backed by expert witness testimony and detailed forensic reports.

Getting Started

Call now and speak with a certified expert.  IRIS-IDFL is available 24 hours in emergency cases.