IRIS Independent Digital Forensic Lab certified examiners are often faced with the challenge of new technology that require us to develop in-house solutions.  Our experienced team is able to engineer computer systems and components to deal with these challenges. From industrial grade customized computers and backup systems to networking and infrastructure devices to to forensic workstations, we can built systems to fit any need.


  • Custom Designed Computers and Components
  • Networking and Backup Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Support
  • On-Site Rapid Response Service

Industrial Computers:

We have the ability to construct industrial computers and peripheral components that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions and can be fully integrated into the industrial process.

Computer Networking:

We can provide worry-free networking solutions for a small office to several hundred users or industrial facility with the added benefit of automated backup and disaster recovery capabilities.  We can conduct all phases from the initial consultation to the final installation, set-up and service.

Forensic Computers:

Our forensic computers are developed for maximum efficiency for all types of analysis based on the customer’s needs.  From the most cost-effective laptops for lab and field use to powerful workstations capable of multiple simultaneous jobs, our experience provides forensic computers that will handle the demands of forensic work.

Getting Started

Call now and speak with a certified expert.  IRIS-IDFL is available 24 hours in emergency cases.