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DHS -Secret Service-Best Practices for Seizure of Digital Evidence 2006
NIJ Digital Evidence in the Courtroom – A Guide for Law Enforcement and Prosecutors 01-2007
NIJ Electronic Crime Scene Guide for First Responders 04-2008
NIJ Electronic Crime Scene Investigation Guide for First Responders 07-2001
NIJ Forensic Examination of Digital Evidence_ A Guide for Law Enforcement 04-2004
NIJ Investigative Use of Technology 10-2007
SWGDE Digital and Multimedia Evidence as a Forensic Science Discipline 090514
SWGDE Establishing Confidence in DF Results 020515
SWGDE Focused Collection and Examination of Digital Evidence 090514

SWGDE Minimum Requirements for Quality Assurance 051510
SWGDE Proficiency Test Guidelines 092915
SWGDE Recommended Guidelines for Validation Testing 090514
SWGDE Standards and Controls Position Paper 013008
SWGDE-SWGIT Guidelines and Recommendations for Training 011510

SWGIT Section 23 Best Practices for the Analysis of Digital Video Recorders 06-11-2012
SWGDE Best Practices for Digital Audio Authentication 062316
SWGDE Best Practices for Forensic Audio 063015
SWGDE Best Practices for Photographic Comparison for All Disciplines 062316
SWGDE Best Practices for the Forensic Use of Photogrammetry 092915
SWGDE Core Competencies for Forensic Audio 091511
SWGDE Digital Image Compression and File Formats Guidelines 062316
SWGDE Image Processing Guidelines 020816
SWGDE Proposed Techniques for Data Recovery from DVR Containing H264 062316
SWGDE Recommendations and Guidelines for Using Video Security Systems 092915
SWGDE Training Guidelines for Video Analysis, Image Analysis and Photography 020816
SWGDE UEFI and its Effect on Digital Forensics Imaging 020614
SWGIT Section 24 Best Practices for the Retrieval of Digital Video 09-27-2013
TSWG-Video Evidence From CCTV Systems lipbook 10-2006

Mobile Devices
NIST Guidelines on Mobile Device Forensics 05-2014
SWGDE Best Practices for Collection of Damaged Mobile Devices 020816
SWGDE Best Practices for Examining Magnetic Card Readers 092915
SWGDE Best Practices for Mobile Phone Forensics 021113
SWGDE Best Practices for Portable GPS Device Examinations 091212
SWGDE Core Competencies for Mobile Phone Forensics 021113
SWGDE Best Practices for Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics Systems 062316

NIJ Investigations Involving the Internet and Computer Networks 01-2007
SWGDE Best Practices Computer Forensics 09-05-2014
SWGDE Capture of Live Systems 090514
SWGDE Peer to Peer Technologies 013008

SWGDE Best Practices for Chip-Off 020816
SWGDE Best Practices for Examining Mobile Phones Using JTAG 092915
SWGDE Best Practices for Handling Damaged Hard Drives 090514

Technical Notes
SWGDE Linux Tech Notes 020816
SWGDE Mac OS X Tech Notes 092915
SWGDE Technical Notes on Microsoft Vista 020808
SWGDE Technical Notes on Microsoft Windows 7 051510
SWGDE Electric Network Frequency Discussion Paper 020614
SWGDE Data Archiving 041206

SWGDE Digital & Multimedia Evidence Glossary 062316[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]