Data loss or corruption can be crippling to both businesses and industry.  Successful recovery of accidentally or intentionally deleted data can make all the difference in the outcome of criminal and civil litigation.

DRIRIS Independant Digital Forensic Lab has state of the art technology and extensive experience in recovering and salvaging lost data from hard drives, laptops, e-mail servers, iPods, USB memory sticks, mobile devices and all types of removable storage media.


Recoverable Data:

  • Accidentally or intentionally deleted email.
  • Encrypted files.
  • Files that with falsified dates.
  • Files that a series of data recovery houses couldn’t find.
  • Files unintentionally damaged or overwritten.
  • Databases on computers that have been completely erased, reformatted and reinstalled.
  • Files that were embedded in programs.
  • Evidence of sabotage even when advanced data destruction programs have been used.
  • Files from badly damaged computers.

Certified Experts:

IRIS Independent Digital Forensic Lab has the optimal blend of experienced and certified technical/legal professionals who have handled hundreds of matters involving electronically stored information.  We are committed to our clients and stand behind our work by providing detailed reports, sound scientific analysis and expert testimony

Security Bypass Capabilities:

Password Recovery

We have the expertise and latest available forensic equipment to bypass the security mechanisms and defeat passwords on locked devices.




data encryp imageUsing the latest leading forensic mobile equipment and techniques we are able to overcome encryption on some mobile devices and recover data and deleted files.



Getting Started

Call now and speak with a certified expert.  IRIS-IDFL is available 24 hours in emergency cases.